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This Award was established in 1985 to honor individuals who have contributed to the integrity of the legal profession, advanced the interests of women engaged in the practice of law, promoted legal education, aided in the administration of justice, and advanced the status of women in society and the legal profession. The Award is the highest honor of our organization and is named for the late Honorable Rita C. Davidson, a long-time WBA member who was the first Award recipient.

To nominate an individual for the Rita C. Davidson Award / To recommend an individual for the Rita C. Davidson Award, please contact us (“contact us” a link to the contact page).

Rita C. Davidson Award Recipients:
Rita C. Davidson 1985
Jeannette Wolman 1986
The Honorable Martha Wyatt 1987
The Honorable Rosalyn B. Bell 1988
The Honorable Bess Lavine 1989
The Honorable Mary Ellen Rinehardt 1990
The Honorable Mary Arabian 1991
Chief Judge Robert C. Murphy 1992
The Honorable Theresa Nolan 1993
The Honorable Barabara Kerr Howe 1994
The Honorable Irma Raker 1995
Governor Parris Glendening 1996
The Honorable Diane G. Motz 1997
The Honorable Sharon M. Grosfeld 1998
The Honorable Sally D. Adkins 1999
The Honorable Mabel E. Houze Hubbard 1999
Pamela J. White 2000
Chief Judge Robert E. Bell 2001
The Honorable Ann S. Harrington 2002
Susan L Bayly 2003
The Honorable Deborah K. Chasanow 2004
Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor 2005
Marion Wright Edleman 2006
The Honorable Kathleen O'Ferrall Friedman 2007
The Honorable Ann Newman Sundt 2007
The Honorable Lynne A. Battaglia 2008

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